cher chow 周馥溢

Fa Hui

December 26, 2015

A short afternoon at the flower mecca just off of Prince Edward.

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Wet Market Shopping

December 21, 2015

Wet to the tiled floors, red lights, and slick dollar bills

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First Breakfast Back

December 18, 2015

The traditional Cantonese rice breakfast right after getting off a flight hits just the right spot.

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November 30, 2015

Small observations from a late Saturday afternoon.

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Faces of North Island

August 28, 2015

Saying farewell with the staff I’ve seen day in and day out for these six weeks

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Turtle Tracks are the New Moose Tracks

July 25, 2015

What it takes to monitor female sea turtles and their precious babies– every single morning.

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