cher chow 周馥溢

Balcony Blooms

January 14, 2017

If you remember from some posts last year, Hong Kong’s well known Flower Market is only a half mile from my place and also a favourite of my mom’s and mine to take our Toffee for strolls. Toffee and I both needed some fresh air a couple mornings ago and I couldn’t resist buying a bouquet of these lusciously velvet red ranunculuses. 

Looking at my flowers every day and discussing future projects with Rachel (shoutout to creative partners!) got me itching to do more intentional shoots. I’ve been a huge admirer of Jamie Beck since high school, particularly the beautiful tonal 3 x 5 photos of blooms as holiday cards. The depth of the crimson in these flowers as well as Beck’s photos inspired me to focus on the tonal nuances more than usual.

And so I put my makeshift studio skills to use (you guys can ask Rachel how many shoots we’ve managed to set up together in the Barrington studios without borrowing any lighting equipment) and whipped up a mini setup with a navy duvet cover, laundry rack and some clips. I layered the ranunculus blooms with dried eucalypts, forget-me-nots, and white caspia bunches from my room in a mason jar and shot away. 

I’ve probably worked these flowers to death, but I really love the results.