cher chow 周馥溢

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

May 01, 2018

I’ve finally begun “developing” photos from my trip to Bali with my brother at the beginning of April. The month flew by when I got back to work trying to fit in diving, data analysis, and report writing! This first photoset is from one of the first locations Tim and I went to on our five-day trip, the Pura Luhur Uluwatu, a Hindu temple located on the southern tip of the island. I learnt from conversations with drivers, lots of Googling, and talking with an Indonesian friend that Bali’s history is heavily influenced by Hinduism, and the island remains mostly Hindu– the largest Hindu population in a largely Muslim Indonesia.

Uluwatu means land’s end rock and it is definitely aptly named. The temple was built right along the cliff’s edge. I peered from the temple’s Great Wall of China-esque path down the cliff, and it is a straight drop 40 meters down to a rocky bay with large rolling sheets of waves coming in from the Indian Ocean.

Tim and I made the mistake of underestimating Bali traffic and ended up nervously chasing sunlight with our Uber driver. It took an hour for us to get from downtown Kuta to south Kuta where the temple was! Luckily, once we had our required sarongs on at the gate, we speed-walked to the coast. No Lonely Planet guide could have described the view of this temple during sunset to me sufficiently. It was just stunning. We caught the tail end of the sunset as most of the tourists were watching the traditional Kecak dance in the amphitheatre. And did I shoot away. I hope you enjoy the photos I managed to rush in between moments of watching the waves crash below and taking in the sunset views! More will be coming from the trip and from the archive that’s been gathering dust!